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The southern charm of Savannah ,GA

The southern charm of Savannah ,GA
If you like trees with long, Spanish moss canopies resembling a fairytale setting, the clip clop sound of a horse and carriage on cobblestones, riverfront dining, and history galore, then you will love Savannah Georgia! There is so much to see and do there. Ghost tours, shopping along the river, historic district sightseeing, numerous restaurants, riding the trolley or carriage are just a few things you could do. This blog post will only just cover what we have seen. Savannah is Georgias fifth-largest city. The city capital building has a beautiful gold dome and clock. The parking is tight but we did manage to find a place and walk to the historic riverfront area.

Of course we bought some fudge and a few souvenirs before we had a great dinner at One Eyed Lizzys. We were able to eat out on a veranda and view the barges, ferry’s, and the beautiful Talmadge Memorial Bridge. The sun began to set during our meal and the river area lit up like Christmas. It should be noted to be a bit careful at night. Although most places are safe, we did see some young men light up some weed and get a bit loud. Overall we had a very good time but if we visit again, I would really like to explore the historic district and eat at Paula Deans restaurant to get the whole “down south” experience.


 One Eyed Lizzys was a very enjoyable experience. We were so fortunate to be able to have our own private balcony outside facing the river. From there we could watch the ships roll in and out of the inlet, ferry boats, River Street activities, and watch the sun set behind the Talmadge Bridge. The food was excellent and the cocktail was delicious! You could hear music playing and the breeze was refreshing. As the sun set, all the lights illuminated the area with a wonderful ambiance.  I would rate it a high 9 and will hopefully visit again, this time, buying a t-shirt with One Eyed Lizzy on it!

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