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Sea-doo and seaweed do not mix

Sea-doo and seaweed do not mix

Yes, we could have died on this boat trip....well at least that's how it felt at the time. 

We were lost, it was dark, the storm looked closer, we had no cell phone service, and our lifeline, Brian had disappeared.

   It was another beautiful, sunshine filled day in the Florida Keys and we were itching to get our little boat out. We had met a very nice guy who had a jet ski who was willing to have us follow him around since we didn’t know the area. Off we went, following behind him up to the Bahia Honda bridge, but our boat kept sucking up seaweed in the motors. Brian, our friend was so nice that he offered to dive down into the water and clean it out. We would see him disappear except for his foot at times, and then reappear numerous times till he got it all out. Who else would do this? Well this happened a few times and we were getting nervous because he said that there were numerous bull sharks in those water. Great, we make a friend then he gets eaten. He convinced us to follow him out a bit further from our marina where he said the sunset would be beautiful. We thought, why not, it will be quick. We got out there and he was kind enough to take our camera and photograph us as we circled around behind the sunset. These were going to be great pictures!!

Well, then it a happened again, seaweed. Brian dove down and could only get so much. Thankfully we had two engines as we lost power in one of them. By that time, it had begun to get dark. I was concerned but not frantic…. Yet. We struggled against increasing waves as we could see lightning to our West.

     Ok, then I started to freak. First of all, I don’t do storms, especially out in the water and where we have no idea where we are at. Brian eventually tried to tow us with his jet ski but that was a slow go and a lot of stress on his engine. He decided to try to find help and went on ahead of us. Meanwhile, the storm was getting closer and I could see Jerry getting worried. He tried to assure me everything would be alright and I was praying for all I was worth. We kept expecting to see Brian come back at any time… but he didn’t. Now jet skis do not have lights and are not supposed to be out past dusk. We had a flood light but it wasn’t working all the time. We kept calling out for Brian but he was no where to heard or seen. I kept imagining that he had hit something and was ejected into the shark infested waters being eaten alive. The wind kept coming and the waves were pushing against us as our one little motor was smoking and doing everything it could to keep going. We had gotten to a place that looked familiar, a bridge, but the water was even more turbulent the closer we got to it. I was really getting scared now. We were lost, it was dark, the storm looked closer, we had no cell phone service, and our lifeline, Brian had disappeared. I really thought that this could be the end. But I had hope.

    Then, our engine finally gave up the ghost. Now what. Just then, we heard Brian’s jet ski coming towards us. Thank God! After we told him that we thought he had become shark bait, he began going ahead of us to find the marina entrance. As he was leaving, a bigger boat was coming towards us. Yaaay! Praise the Lord we had been discovered, but would they stop or just go by. Afraid that they may not see Brian and run into him, we tried to yell and shine what light we had left on him so they could see him. They slowed down and asked if we needed help. Yes!! They attached a line to our little lifeless boat and began towing us to the marina. Then I realized who they were…. Our next door neighbors who when they arrived, I was complaining about their loudness, smoking, drinking, loud music, etc. Boy did God check my heart that night. I try very hard not to speak against our neighbors now since our butts were saved by them. You never know who God will use to help you so be careful how you treat others or judge them. From then on I greeted them every time I saw them, they had rescued us! Thank God for Brian too, and for keeping him safe thru the whole ordeal. That was the worse experience on a boat we had ever had but we were protected. And that storm? It never did get close to us.


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