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A photoblog sharing our discoveries as we explore America on the open road!

Riding the Rails to the Grand Canyon

Riding the Rails to the Grand Canyon
On our Anniversary, we had a trip planned to ride the rails with the Grand Canyon Railway. Arriving at the depot early in the morning, we were treated with a gun fight show. It was very entertaining and I was able to get my picture taken with one of the cowboys. After the show, we climbed aboard the train riding coach. It was a fantastic 2 hour trip through the prairies of the Colorado Plateau and we were given the history by a very nice host. A banjo player sang some old songs and it made the time go by faster while passing the beautiful western landscape.

We got off at our stop and proceeded to find something to eat. Hot dogs would suffice along with a delicious ice cream cone that a pesky squirrel wanted to share. The guide warned us about these rascals and how they have been known to bite people so do not feed them. No problem, I wasn’t sharing mine on a hot Arizona day! They gave us plenty of time, about 4 hours, to view the Grand Canyon. So many breathtaking views of the canyon! Still not feeling 100%, I was surprised I was able to take a short hike on a trail that passed thru an arch on Bright Angel trail. After we went thru, we looked up on the wall to our right and found some petroglyphs. This was also a mule trail so we were

careful where we walked. After I rested on a ledge of some rock that I was sure was put there just for me, we went to the Kolb Studio, home and photographic studio of pioneers Emery and Ellsworth Kolb. Inside were treasures of cameras used to take photographs and film of mule riders in the Grand Canyon. It is an interesting gallery. The Hopi House was another fascinating place to go thru but with very low ceilings. There were many Native American crafts including some beautiful jewelry. I loved the exterior with the beautiful red textured sandstone and numerous windows.

The Grand Views at the canyon

I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. Ephesians 3:17,18

As we were taking one last breathtaking gander of the canyon, we heard someone say they were looking at a California Condor. I so hoped we would see one of these rare and endangered birds that are the largest North American bird with wing spans up to 9.5 feet. Jerry spotted him with the binoculars first but I had trouble finding it with all the rocky ledges. When I did, even my 400mm lens was not long enough to get a good picture but we zoomed in the best we could with the Canon HS sx60. At least we could say we saw one.

It was time to get aboard the train but this time we rode up in the observation dome. Great view but there was a piece of metal sticking out by the seat that could certainly slice a person as it did Jerry’s jeans. The guide on the way back wasn’t as friendly either and was a bit rude. We also were “robbed” by a couple horse riding outlaws who boarded the train. It was hard to see them ride along the train from where we were sitting. When they got to our seat and asked us to hand over our money, all Jerry had was $1 cash in his wallet (he gave the rest to me to hide) so the villains’ were none too happy with us. Jerry tried to explain that he was “married” therefore…no cash, ha ha.

We had a champaign toast (we chose cider) and had a nice selection of snacks. The view was still beautiful as we watched the sun set behind the clouds, giving a colorful sight. I would not pay for the upgrade if I had to do it over again. Overall it was a great experience. This will be an anniversary to always remember!

Grand Canyon Railway RV Resort
This is more of a large graveled parking lot than a resort but it was just fine for what we were planning. Walking distance to the depot and gunfight show, and a short drive to wonderful Williams. They had a nice laundry facility, and a dog walk along the fence. No grass, so Baxley had to learn to go potty in the gravel which I did not want him to learn to do. There was a nice store at the office check in. We also used the dog kennel next door for Baxley to stay in while we were on our train ride. Never again will I put that little dog thru that! I thought it would be nicer than it was but basically a dog prison where he couldn’t see any other dogs. He cried the whole time we were gone, spilling his water and just being alone. They said they tried to comfort him. We spotted other RV parks in the area that might have been better. 


Anniversary dinner at Rods Steak House

Since it had been a full day at the Grand Canyon on our anniversary, we decided to go out the following Saturday to Rods Steak House. This charming world famous restaurant was founded in 1946. It was located right on historic Route 66 in down town William’s. The food was very good along with the service as it was not very crowded. I enjoyed the western atmosphere and the beautiful stained glass Steer above us.

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