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A photoblog sharing our discoveries as we explore America on the open road!

Ohio to Utah journey

Ohio to Utah journey
After having an enjoyable visit with family and scenic trips in Amish country, it was time for our long cross-country trip to Bryce Canyon, Utah. After keeping an eye on the weather forecasts, it looked like we had to delay our trip another week due to powerful storms in the mid-west. More time with grandkids! We had to move to another spot at Evergreen RV resort for that week. 

By the end of the week, it still looked like the middle of the country was going to get hammered by flood potential rains, especially the St Louis area. So we made a loop more northward a bit out of our way but more promising of a pleasant journey.

We chose to go up to I-80 crossing Indiana, Illinois, and the central time zone and ended up staying overnight in Des Moines, Iowa. Finding a Walmart to boondock in, Jerry found a great spot right along a fence next to a pond. It was so pretty and very relaxing listening to frogs and crickets after being on the road for 665 miles! The next morning we were bombarded with moths in the RV! They would come out two or three at a time but it seemed like there had to be almost 2 dozen by the time we got them all. Yuck!

Day two we headed for the long drive thru Nebraska. The radar showed some thunderstorms ahead, but by the time we got to that part of the highway, they had passed. We crossed the Colorado state line and another time zone, then boon-docked at a Walmart off I-76 after driving 595 miles.

The third day we went thru Denver and over the beautiful Rocky Mountains with some pretty steep grades. They always make me a bit nervous knowing we have that big heavy rig helping to push us down. Jerry does an awesome job at handling it though. I do take Dramamine and sometimes half of a nerve pill so I don’t drive Jerry too crazy, using my imaginary hand and foot brakes. The trip was interesting in a few other ways. First, when we went to pull over for a potty break, we found our bathroom door was locked. Jerry had to take the doorknob off. Then he discovered that part of the underbelly of the RV was coming apart so he had to tape that up. But later we stopped for a corn dog and an ice cream cone (I know, weird combo) at a place called Weinerschnitzel in Parachute, CO. It was also a fuel station so I got one of those biggie fountain drinks and when we went to pay, the cashier said it was on him and gave it to us for free! We decided after 635 miles of driving that day, to find an RV park to overnight in. It was getting quite hot so we needed electricity to run our air conditioners. We found a nice little RV park called Shady Acres RV Park & Campground.

Shady Acres RV Park
Shady Acres RV Park & Campground was a welcoming place to rest after 3 days of driving. It was pretty shady for the most part. There was a nice little store and the lady at the desk was friendly. Baxley enjoyed the doggie park which was divided into small and large dog areas. Cabins were available for rent and there were some nice views of the mountains and an area to view deer although we never looked for any. Fuel, groceries, a car and RV wash, golf course, and Green River State Park were close by. We used Good Sam for a discount. If we were ever in this area again we would likely stay here.


By day 4 we were really ready to stop rolling and settle into a campsite. Oh but the scenery! So many different rock formations, landscapes, and places that looked like we were on another planet. Utah truly is a beautiful and diverse state. We traveled thru several places that I would like to re-visit and take time to explore. Places such as Black Dragon Canyon and Goblin State park to name a couple. We went thru little western towns where outlaws and movie stars treaded. So much history to learn about. I truly admire the pioneers who went thru so much traveling in wagons and horseback in un-charted, rough, hot, and sometimes hostile territory. I could have never survived!

When we finally got to Bryce Canyon City, we checked in at Ruby’s Inn RV Park. They were so full that we had to go into the overflow lot behind the Best Western hotel. They said it was a lot quieter there and they were right. We settled onto our lot, turned the air up, and finally got to get some much needed rest. Bryce Canyon was just a few miles away and I couldn’t wait to go see it….. after some r&r. Oh, and by the way, we never got into one drop of rain the whole 4 days! God is good!

Ruby's Inn RV Park
Ruby's Inn RV Park is so conveniently close to everything you really need within walking distance. Just a few mile away is the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. We were in the overflow grounds behind The Best Western which was basically a large gravel parking lot. It was away from all the hubbub and within walking distance of the rodeo grounds and pastures for the trail horses. Every morning and evening we could watch them bring the horses by from the main corral to the corral where the guests would get on and begin the trail ride. There were also ATV rentals close by. Ebeneezer's Bar and Grill had dinner shows available in the evenings but we did not go. Maybe next time. The whole Ruby's Inn area was enjoyable to explore. There was also a small mock western town(Old Bryce). There were two laundromats that were very nice. I would rate this a big thumbs up and would stay there again. Oh and the Utah prairie dogs were adorable to watch and were highly threatened by our little Baxley on our daily walks. We also enjoyed seeing the horses graze and caught the rodeo a couple times. The Cowboy Buffet was excellent but go right before 4 pm and save money!


  1. Keep the stories coming.
    Glad yall found a place to rest.

    • Thanks Brad! I will try to get thru this with all the glitches.

  2. I really enjoyed your ‘journal’!! It was really nice with all the photos from the road!! Great that you made it safely!!
    Enjoy the rest.

    • Thank you Judi! I hope you and Brad are enjoying your journeys too! Hoping we run into eachother again soon!

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