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A Day At Monterey Bay Aquarium

A Day At Monterey Bay Aquarium
After watching a show a few years ago that featured Monterey Bay Aquarium, I knew it was a place we had to visit when we got to California. Finding a parking spot for an F350 with two kayaks on top proved to be a task in itself as we couldn’t fit in the indoor parking garage and most other places were full. We finally found a paid parking area and it was worth the $20 fee as we were in walking distance of the aquarium and downtown area. When we got into the aquarium, I immediately found the information desk to find out about any whale watching tours in the area they could recommend. She said there had been a few whales just in the bay next to the aquarium and that they may still be there! We hurried outside to the viewing area and low and behold, in the distance, we saw water spouting into the air! Then we saw the bodies of the whale with their tiny fins sticking up, and then a tail. My camera had too short of range to get any great pics but Jerry had our Canon Powershot sx60 which has great zoom reach but not great resolution. Regardless, he got the best shots. He even zoomed in on a buoy with several sea lions resting on it. So naturally, I ask to try using this camera. I’m aiming, and trying my best to find the two large and one baby whale 

and just can’t seem to locate them zoomed in so much. Then Jerry says he just saw three tails and wondered how I missed them. Well I wondered too but that sure didn’t make me happy, lol. I was able to get a few shots of the whales and a tail or two. It was just amazing to be able to see them at all. We definitely will be booking a whale sight-seeing trip!

The aquarium was very nicely laid out and had the most beautiful jelly-fish I have ever seen. I especially loved the penguins swimming right up to me and scratching there little heads. There was thick glass between us or I would have reached out and helped the little guy out. I was a bit disappointed at seeing only one sea turtle though. Although we enjoyed the aquarium, the Atlanta aquarium had them beat for the most part with much more to see. But Atlanta sure didn’t have a deck outside to watch seals, sea-lions, and whales swimming freely in the wild.

We didn’t stay to watch any shows, other than a short viewing of a wonderful Albatross, so we asked an employee for a restaurant recommendation. She told us about The Fish Hopper just down the block. It took a while to find but we did and boy were we glad we did!

The Fish Hopper

After visiting the aquarium, we went to The Fish Hopper for lunch. We asked for a table with a view and the host said he had the best one waiting for us! He wasn't kidding! A 180 degree view of the bay, watching whales, boats, birds and our very first sea lion! The service and fish and chips were great too!

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