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A photoblog sharing our discoveries as we explore America on the open road!

Our Current Rig

Our current RV is a 2013 Dutchmen Infinity 3800FB. It is so roomy and has tons of storage! We figured if we were going to be doing this full-time and this was our “home”, we should make it as comfortable and convenient as possible.

It boasts of two bathrooms, one small one for Jerry (which is as big as our previous camper) and a large one for, well of course, me! His has plenty of storage and space to move around. Mine has our large closet, washer/dryer space (although we have a combo…story about that here), huge shower with a bench for me to sit on, and plenty of space to feel like a residential bathroom. Yes, I’m spoiled but having two bathrooms is a necessity when you live with a man who reads, lol.

Our bedroom has a king-sized sleep number bed with about 4 inches of extra cushion (we have delicate backs being our age). It lifts up for even more storage. We both have a little sliver of a nightstand and plenty or cupboards to stash our clothes, towels, and of course, camera equipment. The tv is a bit dinky but we only watch a little bit there till we get sleepy.

The living room is also roomy with a large fireplace, TV, and storage cupboards. We replaced the couch and

loveseat that came with it with our couch we had at the house. Much roomier and enough room to sleep on when one of us is in the dog house or is snoring (oh come on, you know you can’t always sleep together!)We each have our own custom Amish made desks to work on which is very nice. We took out the dinette for mine to fit. We always end up eating on the couch watching TV anyway.

Now, one of the best features of this RV… the kitchen. We realized a single wide fridge was not going to cut it so this unit has a double door fridge with pretty good sized freezers. We have had trouble with it and will discuss that story here. There is plenty of storage for pots, pans, dishes, what have you and plenty of room for pantry items. The counter space is to be envied as it is beyond what most RV’s have. A double stainless steel sink, range with oven (only used for storage because I HATE to light it) and a convection oven that was a deal breaker.

Manly section…the outdoor storage. You have to have plenty of space for all the junk you need living full-time and this has all we really need. We can put our grill, chairs, rugs, screen tent, Christmas tree and decorations, and all the other stuff we need.

We had an enormously long list of all the things wrong with it before we took it to a dealer to “try” to fix everything. Then we ran into some nice folks that had had just as many problems with the same unit, only one year newer. We spent a couple hours exchanging stories and offering each-other tips on how we dealt with these “bugs”.

But, alas, nothing is perfect and no matter what you get, you will always have something wrong in this imperfect world. We just deal with it and move on, thankful for this lifestyle, knowing we have no lawns to maintain, property taxes to pay, and heck, if we don’t like our neighbors, we just move!


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