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A photoblog sharing our discoveries as we explore America on the open road!

Palomino Maverick M-8801 Truck Camper

Buying our truck camper

  On March 25, 2009, we set out to Tennessee to purchase our first RV together, a Palomino Maverick M-8801 truck camper. It was a grey, dismal day but our spirits were not dampened in the excitement of new journeys that awaited us.  We arrived at Adventure RV Center in Sevierville, Tn., and looked everything over and had the torklifts tie downs attached to our F350. Our little TC had everything we needed at the time for weekend and vacation trips including air, refrigerator, microwave, bathroom, cozy place to sleep with a t.v, stove, furnace, and enough storage space for our belongings. 

     We left for a nice little campground by a stream for the nite. It was quite windy when we arrived so it was quite a struggle lifting it up with the hydraulic jacks high enough to pull the truck out from underneath it without worrying that it would blow over. All went well so we went to explore a little. The mountains did not have much color yet but they were still beautiful. The next say, we backed up under our little turtle-like shell of a camper and went back home to Georgia. We couldn't wait to start

planning our very first trip in it! We even slept in it a few nights while it was parked at home, listening to the crickets and a few coyotes. We had just enough room to be comfortable and not be in each others way(too much). 

    We could still pull our little sea-doo boat or even our horse trailer to take my daughter, Tiffany, to some horse shows with her horse, Lacy. SO many possibilities and much easier to park just about anywhere we wanted whether at a little town or our choice of camping spot. This was our portal to relaxation, discovery, and freedom on the open road!


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Slide Show of Truck Camper interior/exterior
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