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Gorgeous Golden Isles of Georgia

Gorgeous Golden Isles of Georgia

Along the East coast of Georgia are several barrier islands. These islands offer a menagerie of things to do and see. Our first stop was to Jekyll Island. Note that there is a Daily parking pass fee of $6 ($28-week) that you pay in lane or at the guest information center. We happened to be staying at Jekyll Island Campground during the annual Shrimp & Grits Festival. Though we are not big grits fans, it gave us an opportunity to explore numerous food vendors, the beautiful Jekyll Island Club buildings, arts & craft booths, and the fairytale looking Spanish moss covered trees. The sunset was magical as we watched from Riverview drive. Jekyll Island Campground was a very nice place and we stayed in lot #1. It has laundry facilities and sites for big rigs. They are a bit close but level. I really liked how it was within walking distance to the fishing pier and beach. The cell service was pretty good. We were able to ride our bicycles to and on driftwood beach, a sort of tree and driftwood cemetery. Nearby is Clam Creek with a nice walkway and picnic area. As we explored the south side of the island, we stumbled upon some ropes swinging from the trees. We felt like kids as we jumped on them to swing. The beach was so picturesque with rocky cliffs, white sand, and sea oats waving in the ocean breeze. Birds abound in the many marsh areas and shrimp boats attract sea birds, waiting for a tasty snack.

Turtle time!

One day, we were pleasantly surprised to witness several rehabilitated sea turtles being released from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Although we did not tour the center, it was wonderful to witness these beautiful creature return to their home. I did get a bit carried away with photographing the event as I ended up knee deep in the ocean, jeans, tennis shoes and all! My camera and lens were safe so all was good.


Our next visit was thru Brunswick, north of Jekyll, to Saint Simons Island. We crossed over the Torras Causeway, viewing more lovely marshland and found a great place to eat called the Iguana's seafood restaurant. There were several charming shops to enjoy, but without that touristy feel. Then, we drove thru moss covered oaks and found the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum. It was built in 1872 and is of beautiful Victorian design with pine flooring, cast iron molding’s, and boasts of 12 inch thick Savannah gray brick walls. Not too far from the lighthouse is Neptune park with a pool ,fishing pier, mini golf, and a fun zone for kids, with a momma and baby whale to climb on.

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Iguanas Seafood Restaurant was a great place to enjoy a very good meal. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly service! It is located on St. Simon Island.   

Our Golden Isles story continues on another post. Look for us at the beach on horseback!

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