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Gliding thru mangrove jungles, a motorized Kayak Eco-Tour

Gliding thru mangrove jungles, a  motorized Kayak Eco-Tour

 Kayaking is such a relaxing activity to do. Although we have our own wonderful kayaks that we enjoy taking out occasionally, we  have always wondered how one with a motor could enhance our experience. There are times when we are in open water and the waves and current get a bit tiring  to tackle, and times we just want to explore more territory in a shorter amount of time. In Ft Pierce, Florida, where we have wintered now for  5 years, there is a wonderful company called Motorized Kayak Eco-Tours. They offer relaxing guided Eco-tours of the Indian River lagoon or St Lucie River. They also offer full moon and sunset tours.


    We met up with a few other couples and with a few short instructions, were off on an enjoyable tour led by Linda and Dan Craig. They are both passionate and knowledgeable about the incredible history and the ecology that was all around us. The little pollution free motors trekked us through fascinating mangrove jungles, taking us back to a time when Old Florida was yet to be discovered. So many beautiful plants, birds, and other water creatures abounded including little fiddler crabs that Linda had dancing on her hand as harmless as could be.
    Although manatees, dolphins, stingrays, sea turtles, barracudas, and other critters abound there, they were hiding from us that morning. There was still plenty of life to enjoy on a most relaxing journey, gliding along the water as Dan shot away on his camera, photographing the group and the beauty that unfolded before us.
This is a must do if your'e in the area! Make reservations well in advance as they fill up quickly. I assure you will never forget or regret this experience!


  1. Great pictures, Beth. Glad you guys had a good time. Danny and Linda are terrific guides and have a great passion about their tours and the environment.

    • They sure do, Billy, and it showed! I told my husband that as many tours as they give, it was like they were seeing things for the first time with the excitement they showed telling and showing others.

  2. Hi Beth and welcome to the full-time lifestyle. You left a comment on my blog wondering ‘how to get more followers’. With the WordPress platform it is relatively easy and I could help you with WordPress. Outside of WordPress I’m not sure but I can say I don’t see a “follow” button on your site. One thing I’ve learned is make things obvious and easy. Happy blogging, Ingrid

    • Thanks, Ingrid! This is a bit new to me yet and I haven’t set anything up yet. I will have to take care of it asap. Thanks for your response and for viewing our blog! My email address is if you have any other suggestions, your input and experience would be wonderful! This is still a work in progress and I have quite a list of things to add! Thanks!

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