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Driving Around Lake Tahoe

Driving Around Lake Tahoe
After re-deciding our route in California to go up the Oregon Coast and the southern border of Washington State due to the numerous wildfires, we headed for Truckee, California just North of Lake Tahoe. It was another beautiful day for traveling when we left the Monterey Bay area, and we knew it would be a bit cooler than what we had experienced in our Western travels to and in California. We passed San Luis Creek Recreation Area, viewing the diverse terrain and a few large herds of Elk which were very un-expected. When we arrived at Truckee River RV Park, we were greeted by a pretty mule deer doe crossing our path and then watching us from the hillside close to our site. The sites were a bit close and the entrance was steep, but it had enough room for the few days we were visiting. They had a nice little store and the staff was friendly. We got set up and just relaxed that evening.


The next day we decided to drive around Lake Tahoe. It was a bit hazy, but when we first laid eyes on the Lake, we realized why it was a favorite area for many of the rich and famous. The water was so crystal clear with the majestic Sierra Mountains surrounding it. Surprised by how many people were there this late in the year, we barely found spots to get a good look at its beauty. When we did find a spot, we walked down to the pebble beached area that was cool and inviting to dip a toe in on a hot day. Boats, jet ski’s, kayakers, anything you could do in the water, people were doing. Baxley jumped back as the small waves came towards his little paws on the shoreline. I would have loved to have had more time to stay in the area and rent a boat or take a tour on the water.


It was pretty cool to circle around the whole lake knowing it was nearly divided by two States. The Nevada side had numerous Casinos and tourist traps but I did enjoy looking for wildlife at Spooner Lake. This is a beautiful park with hiking trails and fishing. Cal-Neva Resort spa and casino sits right in the middle of North Tahoe. At South Tahoe, you can view the beautiful Emerald Bay and watch the many boats circle around the small Fannette Island.

What I remember most about Lake Tahoe as a child was the Ponderosa from Bonanza. Many scenes were filmed in the area around Truckee, a very wonderful little town with a whole history of its own. We watched a movie about the Donner Party, a group of pioneers who became lost trying to get to California to what they thought was a better life, only to turn into some of the most tragic events in Truckee history. Although I didn’t have time to shop in this adorable little town, we did manage to eat a delicious pizza at Zanos. I loved the exterior entrance door, kind of medieval.

I would have liked to have spent more time exploring some of the beautiful beaches like Sand Harbor, Kings Beach, and Cave Rock but it will have to wait for another time. When we left the area to go to Grand Teton NP, we passed a few wild horses roaming around in Nevada that I surely would love to photograph one day. I’m sure we will return to this gorgeous area in the future!

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