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Bucket List Dream come true!

Bucket List Dream come true!
The last island to explore on the Golden Isles of Georgia was Sea Island, which is an island inhabited by the very wealthy, with gated communities that are impossible to view. It boasts of two-five star resorts offering golf, spas, tennis, dining, and other amenities. The island also offers kayaking and guided marsh tours. But, what this little island had to offer us was every horse lovers dream….riding on the beach! This had always been a lifelong wish for me and it was just perfect! We went to the stables and mounted two beautiful steeds. Jerry’s was a big Belgian and mine was a gorgeous palomino with a tie down. Tie downs are usually used on horses that toss their heads. I wondered what kind of ride I would have on this spirited animal but he was a perfect gentleman. As we rode across the bridge, they were very quiet with cars going by. Riding thru a short wooded trail, the sound of the beach was beckoning! What made it even more grand, is that we were the only ones besides the trail guide to go! We road along the beach with the salty wind blowing thru our hair and the horses manes. The trail guide discovered two sand dollars and dismounted to retrieve them for us. She took several pictures and we were off again. This time instead of walking or trotting, we galloped (well, maybe cantered) across the hard packed sand. It will be a time I will never forget!

Little St Simon’s Island is only accessible by boat so we did not visit but hope to one day. Guided nature trips are offered and up to 239 species of birds can be seen. That’s a lot of birds for such a small area.

Overall, we had a wonderful time and will probably visit again one day. You should too!


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