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Beautiful Amish country in Ohio

Beautiful Amish country in Ohio
While visiting my family in Ohio, we had the pleasure of driving thru some of the most beautiful country on God’s green earth! I was born and raised just miles away and have fond memories of my parents and grandparents taking me thru “Amish” country in Wayne and Holmes counties. We would buy Troyer’s bologna, a local favorite meat made in Troy Ohio since 1912, along with Guggisberg or other Swiss cheese, and crackers.

 My favorite drink to wash it all down with was cream soda, sarsaparilla, or old fashioned root beer. Views of rolling green hills and farmland rolled by my window as a child with dreams of living in the country one day. I love the sound of the buggies going by, and the adorable little Amish children peeking out the back window of their buggy as we passed was priceless. Watching the big draft horses till, plow, and anything else modern vehicles have taken over in the English world today is amazing. These big equines do it all with their big hearts and brute strength. To see a gallery of just horses that I photographed, click here.

There are so many little markets, baked goods and produce stands, furniture stores, and home-made everything shops everywhere. We purchased two beautiful hand-made maple desks for our RV in Mt. Hope and the quality is incredible. You can’t drive by the little Amish children at the roadside holding signs and delicious fresh picked strawberries without stopping. I also bought large, fresh brown eggs from one farm for $1.25 a dozen! The Amish cooked restaurants are the killer though. I don’t know how much weight I have gained since I have been here but I’m really not caring as I am enjoying every bite.


          Some of my all time favorites


   Sweet Amish children peeking out


I could photograph for days on end here and now is the time when all the baby critters are arriving. The farms are so picturesque with some having bright red barns and windmills. If you look carefully at some of the small ponds, you might get lucky enough to see swans and plenty of Canadian Geese. See my favorite images of our Amish country visit by clicking on this Gallery.

The Amish really work hard and it is interesting watching them in the fields and imagining how it must be with no electricity and many other modern day technologies. Most are very friendly and I try to be courteous when I am photographing them. I felt like the Amish paparazzi though driving around and stopping our big F350 with 2 bright kayaks up on top. The people looked as if I were the strangest thing. I wondered what the horses thought too and was careful passing them, even though most had blinders on.

There are so many charming little towns in Wayne and Holmes County, all wonderful in their own way. Some of these include Dalton, my first home until I was 6 months old and also home of the Dalton Dariette, a local favorite for 58 years with the best french fries and ice cream. There is also a Kraus pizza that has been my absolute favorite in the world since I was child. Then there is Kidron, home of Lehman’s Hardware, an unbelievable place that will take you hours to see all of it. Across the street from Lehman’s is the Kidron auction where I used to go as a kid just to see all the animals and eat the best chicken and home-made mashed potatoes in the restaurant next door. Wilmot is actually in Stark County but just a few miles from Evergreen RV resort. It is known for the Amish Door Restaurant & Village with a good old fashioned Amish cooking including a buffet on Saturdays. They have a nice bakery and a gift shop which is conveniently located upstairs because you will need the exercise after eating all the delicious food. The Wilderness Center is a nature center in Wilmot and offers 10 miles of hiking trails thru the woods and prairies, by a lake, and has a look-out tower.

The mecca of Amish tourism is a town called Berlin. I try to avoid it as it is congested and extremely busy but the stores are fun to browse in if you don’t mind crowds. Down the road from the bustle is a unique store called Heini’s Cheese Chalet. This is a must see as they offer samples of numerous cheeses (over 35 varieties) and fudge. If you’re lucky, you can watch them make the cheese right there in the factory.

Many of the stores have Amish tour maps that will be a big help in getting around. You can even tour Yoder’s Amish Home and take buggy rides. Hershberger Farm and Bakery also offer buggy rides and a free petting zoo. Rolling Ridge Ranch Animal Park is located between Berlin and Walnut Creek and features over 500 birds and animals. You can drive or take a guided horse-drawn wagon tour and feed the animals on the way.

"Charming Charm, OH"

I also drove thru Charm where “Love Finds You In Charm” was filmed but I did not see exactly where they filmed it. There wasn’t the big welcome to Charm sign that I saw in the movie either. I really enjoyed both movies based from the novels of best-selling authors Serena B Miller and Annalisa Daughety. If you love good, clean romance films, I would recommend these two. There were some nice little stores and a wonderful covered bridge on the driveway to Mrs. Millers Cabin, a beautiful place to rent.


Sugarcreek is a nice little Swiss village type town. The world’s largest cuckoo clock resides there and comes out one the hour and the half hour. It was close to 1:30 and I heard a woman ask her husband which one it would be… the hour or half hour…… All I could think of was “here’s your sign!” I remember as a child watching it when it was located in Walnut Creek at a restaurant called Alpine Alpa. They moved it to Sugarcreek in 2010. It is 24 feet tall and was built in 1972. The movie “Love Finds You In Sugarcreek” was filmed in Sugarcreek in 2013.

The quaint "Swiss Village" of Sugarcreek

Evergreen RV Resort
Even our RV resort is associated with the Amish, right in Mt. Eaton, Ohio. Evergreen RV resort is a beautiful place with many amenities including a heated swimming pool, dog wash, game room, snack area, store, large Laundromat, and exercise room. It even has a storm shelter which I appreciate knowing how quickly Ohio’s weather can change. It has a 10/10/10 rating in Woodall’s and is part of Good Sam. It can be a bit noisy as it sits right on Highway Route 250 so there are many semis that roll by but for the most part it’s pretty quiet. Make sure to book ahead as it gets quite full on the weekends with tourists in the Summer and Fall.

Remember to drive carefully in Amish Country, as hilly as the roads are, you can come up on an Amish buggy, cart, farm machinery, and bicycles before you know it. There are way too many accidents because someone was too impatient to wait to drive around or come speeding up to un-expectantly. Take your time, and enjoy the country! It seems like there never is enough time to visit but we have to be moving on. I will look forward to next time. Most of all I will miss my Son’s family and my Ohio friends. I can never get enough of grandchildren time!


  1. Thanks for a very enjoyable tour. There’s something very welcoming with a feeling of ‘home’ in the Midwest. We’ll be returning to IL next month to catch up with family and friends. I’m already looking forward to fresh corn on the cob and garden grown tomatoes. Wonderful collection of photos.

    • Mmmmmm, corn on the cob! The Midwest is a beautiful part of the country that I think most who live there, don’t realize how wonderful it is. Thanks for the compliments and have fun with your friends and family!

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