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Back In Beautiful Florida!

Back In Beautiful Florida!
Whew! Very behind in posting! I guess the Holidays, visiting with family, and just doing other activities (like photographing…oh have I been photographing!) the time has just slipped into oblivion. As of November 1st and until April 1st, 2016, we are in beautiful Florida. Florida just seems to be the perfect place for us to spend the winter months and this will make our fifth year here in the Ft Pierce area.

This is our third time staying at Treasure Coast RV Resort. We really like it here, I just wish it was a bit more scenic like The Savanna Rec area we spent the last two years at. We are within 2 hours of just about anything you would want to see and do. We’ve yet to visit the Space Center, but have been to several birding locations as you will see in the many pictures. Well, this is a photo blog, lol. Jerry Continues to work work work but I get him out some weekends to at least visit the Jetty and take a nice drive along the beautiful Indian River.



We won’t be doing much kayaking anymore unless we buy one with a motor or peddles. I tore my shoulder up at a photo workshop last July so we will sell the kayaks. I think it will be much easier renting a tandem or one with peddles than hauling the ones we have all over the country. We tried a tandem when my daughter Tiffany came to visit in January. Poor Jerry had to paddle us around against the tide in a few spots, and the kayak seemed to veer towards the right. I felt like the queen of Sheba but I really did feel bad for him. He was pretty wiped out by the end. But my babygirl wanted to kayak with manatees and boy did we see them! We hadn’t even got into the boats before we saw several playing around and even bringing their heads all the way up out of the water. I had a sweet baby come right beside me, look into my eyes, then roll on its side. You could see its cute little toenails! Unfortunately, I was so excited that I had the camera on the wrong setting. Ugh! I will always have the image in my mind’s eye though.

When my daughter, Tiffany, came to visit for a week, we had a blast! Besides the kayaking with manatees, we rented a pontoon boat and saw more dolphins than we’ve ever seen! She was so happy as that was what she was hoping to see. The weather was perfect. Afterwards, her and I went to the beach and just relaxed soaking up the rays. I took her birding down at Green Cay and Wakodahatchee Wetlands near Delray Beach. It was great spending time photographing all the beautiful creatures there. We had lunch at a nice restaurant by the water and got to Skype with my Grandson, Karson at his birthday party in Ohio. Then on her birthday, I took her to Disney World! She hadn’t been there in almost 20 years, and although I had a stomach bug, was able to get thru the day having the most awesome time! When we went thru “It’s A Small World” her face lit up like it did when she was a little girl. We stayed for the fireworks and laser show which was unbelievable! I hated taking her to the airport the next day. I will treasure every moment we spent together that week forever.

IMG_7639There is a nice little place called George LeStrange Preserve just 5 minutes from the RV park which offers a very nice walking, biking trail, kayak launch, and beautiful sunset. It is dog friendly and is a nice place to go without driving too far. There are no bathroom facilities however, but there are a few picnic tables available. We’ve even seen wild peakcocks there along with gopher tortoises and several other birds.

      " But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind." JOB 12:7-10




Later in January, I attended the The Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival. It was the coldest and windiest of all the days the event took place but I had a great instructor and learned a lot despite shivering and taking some blurred pictures. I got a few good ones in though. In the afternoon, I attended a macro workshop and was able to photograph some exotic frogs and reptiles. They were all so cute and pretty cooperative. I then attended an image editing software program class that just touched a little on the many things you can do to create works of art with digital images. I had just an hour to go thru the large vendor exhibit where they gave a free meal (and wine). There were way too many booths to explore in such a short time but I managed to get to most of the ones I planned on seeing. Next year I will spend a few more days at this wonderful event. They say there were a record amount of birds at the Merrit Island National Refuge this year. I did see more than usual but due to the wind and timing, they were just too far away.


Since then Jerry and I have been there and it seems it’s dwindled down a bit. So many birds, so little time! We can’t believe how fast the time goes by. From here on out in the blog, I will be posting some of many of the past trips we’ve taken, and beautiful things we’ve witnessed traveling across this great nation. So much beauty everywhere you look. Although I love the little towns, buildings, history and such, my favorite thing to view and experience is Gods awesome creation. He amazes me everywhere we go!

Treasure Coast RV Resort
This is our fourth time at Treasure Coast RV Resort. The sites are pretty roomy, and this year we were fortunate to have one in the corner with a large back yard. I’ve seen numerous little birds, rabbits, and even a possum up in our grill. We have also heard coyotes howling once in a while. The sites are all paved. They have a good set of rules which refreshingly, they reinforce. No tolerance for yippy dogs and people who do not clean up after them. It has a gate with a code which I feel very comfortable with. They have a heated pool and community room where they have activities such as bingo, card games, camera club, billiards, and numerous get together’s and social. The staff is very friendly and keep up with the grounds. There is a nice laundry area too. It is close to I-95 which you can hear but it’s not bothersome. We really like it here and recommend it. Many snowbirds from Canada and USA stay here. Very close to everything from Walmart, grocery stores, home depot, restaurants, and more.

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