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A photoblog sharing our discoveries as we explore America on the open road!


We began our journey together as husband and wife 07/07/07 on a beach in Maui, a glorious place to start! We started camping in a truck camper and loved the freedom to go just about anywhere. Then we decide why not do this all the time? So we sold just about everything, packed up what we could, grabbed the dog's (we only have one now-Baxley) and left it all behind us.

    Jerry is a computer programmer and has been blessed with the ability to work from anywhere we get a good verizon signal (which isn't always easy). His dedication to his job is phenomenal and I am so thankful he is so caring and kind to me that he tolerates my "gallivanting" while he is working so hard. I try to drag him out on the weekends to explore or at least go to Walmart.

    I am a photographer and previously had a studio specializing in pet photography but added other styles as business grew. My work has been published in numerous calendars and magazines. I earned my PPA Master of Photography degree and loved the friendships I made in the organization. Then my daughter and I moved to Alabama where I taught horseback riding  lessons at a military base. I decided to get back into photography after a couple years and had to learn this new- fangled digital techno stuff. It has been a long learning process (and a lot of kicking and screaming) but I have come to love all I can do with my photography. Traveling gives me so much opportunity to share wildlife, nature, and all the wonderful places in our world!

    We are both originally from Ohio but found each other in the heart of Dixie. Between us we have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. We love visiting with them when we are not meandering the country. They always wonder where we are at. We love this full-time lifestyle and are always excited to see what's next around the bend! Roaming free is such a blessing from God and we hope you will enjoy riding along with us!

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