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A photoblog sharing our discoveries as we explore America on the open road!


Welcome to our photoblog where we will travel this great United States and share the sights with you!

DSC05961We are Jerry and Beth Eldridge and we are what the RV world calls “full timers” as we live our dreams in our RV exclusively, it is our home on wheels.

What you will find here:


Come and imagine all your senses coming alive at the highest mountain tops where the eagle fly and the mountain goats frolic, to the lowest green, lush valley where bison thunderously run, rivers flow, and wild flowers dance in the wind!

This blog will take anyone with us, in spirit, including those who maybe can’t travel right now but dream of meandering down an open road, lovers of creation and adventure, and friends and family members who just want to see where we are. I call this more of a photoblog as it will emphasize our journeys looking thru my lens so you can get a glimpse of what we have experienced. We are passionately motivated to use our talents to create a visual diary as we both love the outdoors and critters of every kind. You will have the opportunity to acquire some of these images as artistic prints to decorate your home as well as inspirational images to share and encourage others.

When you sign up at, you will have access to our weekly posts about exciting things we have discovered and done on our journey!